The PostScript duo fuses old-time sensibilities and modern-day subtleties into a tapestry that reflects their individual and combined strengths. The palpable emotion of Steph's angelic voice in perfect harmony with Paul's shimmering baritone creates a true enchantment that allows their Franco-Albertan roots to paint modern soundscapes. 

Their musical synchronicity, at once charming, appealing and authentic, is almost palpable. Whether live or in the studio, Blais and Cournoyer create an intense atmosphere, revealing their unbridled magnetism. Post-Script has created a special place for itself in the Canadian musical landscape, at the crossroads of the ethereal alchemy of Broken Social Scene and the eerie nostalgia of Emmylou Harris. 

The strength of PostScript is its subtlety, a tangle between the familiar and a bilingual charm. The nostalgia that the duo evokes is an asset that has made Steph and Paul adept at festivals, music showcases and international stages. Their history of touring and releasing music has grown in their home province of Alberta and far beyond, making them the face of Spotify, the rebel voice of folk music. 

Franco-Albertans Blais and Cournoyer, both Edmonton natives, represent a rich tapestry of musical and cultural influences that allows them to explore their tangled history. In 2015, "If Not For You" served to define and solidify their collective voice: "...made it the embodiment of the traditional Canadian oscillation between urban life and rural retreat; it also captures the nation's spirit of linguistic division." (Grayowl Point, 2015-translation) 

"I Can't Block the Light Out, 2019, their recent EP explores the rich American cultural sound heritage while approaching the songs with a sure and direct hand. The EP's production and mixing bears the signature of Edmontonian Jeff Kynoch (Altameda, Cayley Thomas) and the recording has been highly praised: ... a captivating manifestation of the duo's love for their craft." (Daze Magazine, 2019-translation) 

Ready to capitalize on their "mainstream" success, the duo has no desire to slow down; instead, they're going to devote their energies to the completion of a 6-song French EP recorded in Moncton, NB with Benoit Morier at the renowned personal studio of no less renowned indie-folk sensation Lisa LeBlanc, also produced by Morier. The completion of the EP will be followed by a cross-Canada tour.