Pangea Nights: Discovering Angola!

The FrancoMusik Alberta Association is pleased to present the second edition of the Pangea Nights this time discovering Angola! This celebration is part of our new community and artistic project: “Les Rencontres Pangéa” (Pangéa Nights), a series of four multicultural Francophone celebrations, each one of which will highlight the culture and community of an African country.

The event will take place on Saturday, April 23, 2022, from 6:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., and not on April 16 as originally announced, leaving the Easter long weekend available for festivities and rest.

True to the vision of the project, the evening's program will allow us to discover Angola through its food, its organizations and community actors, its cultural dances such as the famous kizomba, which is danced all over the world, and its very rich musical culture.

Don't miss a chance to discover Angolan dance demonstrations and a free Kizomba dance class by Nataniel and Oshi! The Mélafrique music band, led by Jose (Ari) Canga, and the explosive DJ Mep's, will make us dance all night long to the sounds of the famous names of Angolan music, emblematic of Semba, Kizomba (close to the zouk of the French Antilles), kilanpanga, among others...

Through this project, FrancoMusik Alberta seeks above all to create bridges between the communities of African origin and the Canadian francophone communities which have very little opportunity to meet and get to know each other. We also want to raise public awareness of different multicultural musical cultures, and thereby offer more visibility to multicultural francophone artists in their own official language minority communities.

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april 23 2022

6PM - 1AM


Bonnie Doon Community League

(9240 93 St NW, Edmonton)

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FrancoMusik Alberta présentePANGEA nights

L’association FrancoMusik Alberta est heureuse de vous proposer son nouveau projet communautaire et artistique : Les Rencontres Pangéa ! Au programme de la première soirée dédiée à l'Angola, nous découvrirons ce pays à travers sa gastronomie, ses organismes et acteurs communautaires, ses danses et sa culture musicale !