Gisèle Lemire

Gisele Lemire is fascinated by the magic that can be created in theater, on the canvas, with dance, with music and with words. She began her artistic journey as a singer-songwriter in Saskatchewan and at the time wrote over 25 songs.

She was a writer and actor on the youth show C: Qui? C\Moi! on Radio-Canada and then worked as a producer and news reporter where she won the CBC Annick Award for best news story. For over 15 years Gisèle has continued to do freelance video production with Image Works and recently was part of the team for the shooting of Ariane Marhyke Lemire and Mireille Moquin's video clips.

Founder of the Théâtre du Coyote where she was artistic director for several years, she has performed as a clown, written several plays and evolved as an actress, playwright and director.

A member of the Edmonton Stroll of Poets, she will see her first text published in the 2013 Stroll of Poets Anthology. Having recently discovered a passion for the Spoken Word, she has been performing on Edmonton's small poetry stages since early 2012 and will be a finalist in the Rouge Poetry Slam held at the Garneau Theatre as part of Edmonton Poetry Week 2013.


Daniel Gervais

Daniel Gervais, the 2016 and 2011 Canadian Grand Master Fiddle Championship winner, has been playing the fiddle since the age of five. Daniel enjoys an active career with performances, teaching, and recording projects. He completed his studies in the Master of Music program at the University of Alberta. 

Daniel had the opportunity to perform at the Olympic Games in London as an ambassador for Alberta culture. In May 2012, he went to New York for a reception at the prestigious Carnegie Hall. He toured with the Franco-Albertan dance troupe Zephyr at the Smithsonian Folklike Festival in Washington, D.C., Mondial des cultures in Drummondville, PQ, Folkmoot USA Festival in North Carolina and the Interfolk Festival in France. 

Daniel is the first Albertan to win the Canadian Grand Master Fiddle Champion award. He has received the Sylvie Van Brabant Award for Excellence in Artistic Creation (2010) from the Regroupement artistique francophone de l'Alberta and the City of Edmonton Arts and Culture Award (2007). 

Marc Beaudin

Originally from Sept-Iles in Quebec, Marc Beaudin is a full-time professional musician. He has been part of Western Canada’s vibrant music scene for years. Marc received two Global Music Awards; in composition and recording category. 

Early 2017 with ¡La Cueva!, Marc released a world music project of his compositions written while in Spain and South America. Subsequently, Marc also released “The Music Of Eric Clapton”, an instrumental tribute to the great musical guitarist and musical visionary, Eric Clapton. 

Previously, Marc Beaudin played with one of Canada’s best known singers, Alfie Zappacosta. He also shared performances with Chucho Valdes, Maria Schneider, Hugh Fraser, Oscar Valdes - Diakara, the Canadian Chamber Orchestra, PJ Perry and Tommy Banks. 

Marie-Josée Ouimet

Marie-Josée Ouimet is a Franco-Albertan singer-songwriter with a passion for choral singing. She holds a Bachelor's degree in music from the University of Alberta and a Master's degree in choral conducting from the same institution. In the fall of 2019, she will begin her doctoral studies under the tutelage of professors Laurier Fagnan and Tim Shantz. 

She currently directs Les Chantamis choir as well as Mélodie d'Amour, a choir for seniors, and Clé, a vocal ensemble of students from three French schools in Edmonton. She was the interim director of the Chorale Saint-Jean for their 2016-2017 artistic season. She has also had the opportunity to give numerous workshops to other choirs, including the Yukon Summer Music Camp (2014), the Elk Island Regional Honours Choirs (2015), and the Swift Current Comprehensive High School choirs (2016). 

Marie-Josée has worked as a project coordinator for the Centre de développement musical for 15 years. For years, she has also worked as a vocal coach for many musical activities in the Franco-Albertan community such, as the Galalas, Polyfonik, formerly the Gala albertain de la chanson, and the ChantOuest. Marie-Josée has been part of the musical team of the St. John's Chorale since 2015, and during the 2016-2017 season, she was delighted to have the new challenge of working with the Chorale as Interim Director. 

Max Mendez

Vocalist and guitarist for the Latin rock band FRIGUEY, from El Salvador Central America, he is a Social Communicator, Cultural Manager, producer and Salvadoran musician. Graduated with a degree in Communication Sciences from the Matías Delgado University, Max has participated in productions related to music in El Salvador, for commercial, social and cultural purposes. 

As a musician he has participated in tours throughout El Salvador, he has toured Central America, Colombia, Mexico and the United States repeatedly since 2005.   

As a cultural manager he has participated in important music markets and fairs in the United States, Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Spain, he is a founding member of Hibrido Producciones, a Salvadoran label, since 2005 and is part of the Association for the development of the Latin American music industry ADIMI, the Association for the Promotion of the Musical Industry of El Salvador, AFIMES , the Association of Groups and Orchestras (AGOSAR) and has also participated as a producer in different musical, commercial and social productions of Salvadoran artists and tours in El Salvador of artists from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala and the USA.        

In 2017 Max was elected as Ambassador of Music in El Salvador, a title that the government of his country granted him and that led him to be part of several actions to promote local culture through music. 

Mireille Moquin

A fifth generation Franco-Albertan, Mireille Moquin is known as a singer, songwriter and actress in the Western Canadian Francophone community. For the better part of 10 years, her musical projects have brought her to meet audiences across the country. Since 2006, Mireille brings the feminine touch to the franco-albertan folk roots ensemble Allez Ouest, all the while pursuing her solo project. On a theatrical note, Mireille has worked for Theatre la Seizième (Vancouver), L'UniThéâtre (Edmonton) and La Troupe du Jour (Saskatoon).

Robert Walsh

Most of my career I’ve been all about music – writing it, performing it, recording it and teaching how to do it. I’ve worked with famous people, should-be-famous people, and countless amazing musicians whose names you will never know, but who perform at the highest levels. I’ve been a solo artist, the guy-behind-the-artist, songwriter, composer, producer, arranger, musical director, hired gun, session player, front-man, invisible background musician, critic, author, teacher, student. There have been many nominations for awards, a bunch received, good reviews, some bad ones, unforgettable moments and a few I’d like to forget. And I’ve been based out of three Canadian cities – Montréal, Toronto and Edmonton.

In Montréal, I was a member of legendary retro-rockers Johnny Jetblack and the Comeback. We were discovered by music mogul (and future jailbird) Guy Cloutier, when he was having a pint with Guy Lafleur at a club by Dorval airport. The electricity went out, we sang some 50’s tunes a cappella, and this led to recording 2 albums and touring the arenas of Québec with the iconic René Simard.

2 Moods


Son vrai nom est Dan Dennis Ndala; Sur scène il a choisi pour pseudonyme 2Moods, afin de promouvoir le concept de la dualité d’éléments dans l’existence. En dehors de la scène, 2Moods est un étudiant en psychologie à l’Université de l’Alberta. Originaire du Congo Kinshasa, maintenant résidant dans la ville d’Edmonton au Canada, l’artiste est actif sur la scène musicale Canadienne depuis été 2015. Son amour pour la musique et son admiration pour le vocabulaire français sont les éléments qui l’ont motivé à poursuivre une carrière musicale. Sur son palmarès plusieurs réalisations depuis les 6 dernières années, entre autres: la participation à deux reprises au concours Polyfonik, une fois en 2016 où il remporte le prix de la chanson primé et une deuxième fois en 2020 en mode virtuelle avec l’avènement de la pandémie actuelle. Il a également réalisé un album intitulé Rien à Perdre, sorti en fin d’année 2018.

2 Moods a effectué plusieurs apparitions sur scènes à différentes occasions et événements communautaires, festifs, bénévoles, académiques et scolaires. Toujours dans sa dynamique d’apprenant et de travailleur acharné, il apprend des tactiques et techniques en gestion de carrière, à travers les professionnels de l’industrie musicale, lors des rencontres et ateliers organisés par les organismes dont il fait partie, à citer le Regroupement artistique francophone de l’Alberta et le Centre de développement musical. L’artiste passe son temps à écrire et à enregistrer des chansons qu’il ne manque pas d’accompagner avec des vidéoclips, dans le but de promouvoir sa visibilité. En cette année 2021, il prévoit sortir un album à deux volets, dont une partie en solo et une autre en collaboration avec divers artistes francophones et anglophones. Son but ultime est de toujours se surpasser, apprendre, grandir, produire de la bonne musique, influencer, et agrandir son horizon d’influence avec sa musique.


Ivan Touko

Ivan Touko is a founding member and CEO of La Connexional, dance instructor and graduate of a bilingual degree in environmental and conservation sciences at Campus-Saint Jean (CSJ) / University of Alberta. Originally from Cameroon, Ivan moved to Edmonton 8 years ago. From the beginning of his university journey, Ivan was actively involved in the Francophone & Edmontonian community at different levels: Whether through student groups as a member of their councils, the elections of the Student Association (He unfortunately never won LOL), or even by hosting dance lessons at various studios in the city and even at La Girandole, the only French dance school in Edmonton. Since then, Ivan has continued to get involved, live and work in Edmonton through various community organizations, entrepreneurship, volunteering and of course dance. Ivan is also one of the recipients of the "Alberta Top 30 under 30" award by the ACGC. In 2017, Ivan co-founded La Connexional, a social enterprise that strives to showcase the talents and contributions of communities of African, Black, Caribbean and Latin descent in Canada through a variety of mediums, while being focusing on building learning and skills within these communities. To date, La Connexional has worked on over 50 projects, collaborated with over 20 community organizations, over 100 artists and hosted over 5,000 guests in their gatherings. Today, Ivan sits on the board of a "Le RAFA" and is also involved with several anti-racist initiatives that focus on breaking down the systematic barriers faced by people who consider themselves to be of African descent such as: The Black-Owned Market YEG and LaTandao.

Renelle Roy

Renelle has been singing since she was a child. Coming from a musical family, Renelle has been singing in numerous choirs and perfecting her vocal art through classical singing since childhood. As a teenager, she became interested in all styles of music, from rock to pop to hip hop. She then became a professional performer thanks to important competitions such as the Gala albertain de la chanson, the Chant'Ouest and Polyfonik. After these experiences, she launched her solo career. More recently, she presents her own songs as a singer-songwriter in true vocal and theatrical performances that tell the story of her life as a woman. A new audience recognizes itself in her musical universe. Renelle also loves to collaborate and enjoys joining her voice and creativity with other musicians such as 2Moods, Robert Walsh and Marie-Josée Ouimet.

Casa Tango Edmonton

Daniel Calcines was born in St. Petersburg, Russia to an Argentinian mother and a Cuban father, and like tango itself, he is international. Growing up in Cuba, he was immersed in latin dance and music from an early age, as well as listening to tango music due to the influence of his mother, a native of Buenos Aires. Daniel speaks fluently in Spanish, English and Russian. Vera Baraz grew up in Russia and came to Canada with her family in her early teens. She attributes her passion for the latin music and dance to meeting her husband Daniel. In 2000 both of them went for the first time to Buenos Aires, Argentina, a native country of his mother where his family now resides. Both fell in love with Argentine tango dance and since then have been studying relentlessly with some of the best instructors both in Argentina and in North America. Inspired to share tango’s beauty and passion with Edmontonians, they have been teaching lessons, organizing practicas, as well as weekly and monthly milongas which are social dance parties.

Al-Jabal Dance

Al Jabal Dance Group was established in 2011. It is a group that explores traditional and modern aspects of Lebanese folkloric dance, as well as oriental dance. Al Jabal has performed all around Alberta and in Lebanon. This group participates in various events, such as multicultural festivals and private events. You can follow their latest news online on Instagram at @aljabal_dance, or on the Facebook page Al-Jabal Dance.

Macha Abdallah



Macha est une danseuse polyvalente, spécialisée dans les styles hip hop et afro. Elle est la cofondatrice et la directrice artistique du Raw Motion Dance Project et a reçu plusieurs prix, dont le Cultural Diversity Award en 2010, le Black Achievement Awards d’Edmonton en 2009, le Fil Fraser Award for Excellence for the Arts, le Rwandan Community of Edmonton Award, ainsi qu’une nomination pour le Northlands Emerging Artist Award en 2011 lors de la Mayor’s Celebration for the Arts.

Macha est née à Longueuil, au Québec, et a grandi à Edmonton, en Alberta. Sa passion pour la danse a débuté à l’âge de neuf ans dans la troupe de danse hip-hop de son école primaire. Depuis, elle a également été formée en ballet, jazz, afro jazz, afro beats, lyrique, contemporain, théâtre musical, jazz funk, animation et plusieurs styles de rue, dont le hip hop. Macha s’est entraînée dans plusieurs studios, tels que : Lecky’s School of Dance, Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts, 3rd Street Beat, et The Kore Dance Studio.

Macha a dansé en compétition avec le BBM dance crew, ainsi qu’avec la compagnie NXG. Elle a dansé dans l’équipe de cheerleaders des Eskimo d’Edmonton, a fait les back-up de musiciens locaux et a fait la première partie de musiciens internationaux. Elle s’est entraînée avec de nombreux danseurs et chorégraphes de renom à Los Angeles, Vancouver, New York et Kigali, au Rwanda.

La carrière d’enseignante de la danse de Macha a commencé en tant qu’instructrice de hip-hop au gymnase de cheerleading Perfect Storm lorsqu’elle avait 18 ans. Depuis lors, elle a été instructrice à Dance Unlimited, La Girandole, Flavor Studios, Lecky’s School of Dance et dans son propre studio au Rwanda, Raw Motion. Elle donne souvent des ateliers dans les écoles et les studios de la ville. Son objectif est de partager sa passion et sa connaissance de la danse avec des personnes de tous niveaux et de toutes capacités.

Sugar Swing Ballroom

Nous sommes là pour rassembler les gens, faire la fête sur des airs géniaux et danser de beaux mouvements ! Nous voulons vous aider à apprendre quelques nouveaux pas cool et à découvrir de nouveaux styles de danse qui vous attirent. Mais surtout, nous sommes là pour que ce soit amusant !

Vous constaterez que nos instructeurs sont expérimentés et fiables. Nous attachons une grande importance à un environnement de danse favorable et sûr, à des professeurs et un personnel attentifs, à des musiciens et à de la bonne musique. L’accueil des débutants et l’inclusion font partie intégrante de ce que nous sommes, et donc la socialisation et l’appartenance à une communauté sont vraiment importantes pour nous aussi. Venez nous rejoindre !

Ce que nous faisons
Nous offrons une variété de cours, notamment House, Jazz, Tap et Swing. Nous sommes plus connus pour le Swing et les claquettes, et nos cours de niveau 1 sont très populaires. En général, nous suivons la lignée des danses de style jazz (claquettes et swing), puis africaine, et enfin des styles urbains comme le house. Nous honorons les origines de chaque forme de danse que nous maîtrisons. Nous exprimons notre gratitude et notre respect aux nombreux pionniers noirs américains qui ont développé ces danses, dont nous avons fait venir plusieurs à Edmonton pour travailler avec eux !

Nous organisons également des soirées hebdomadaires de danse swing. Nos danseurs du Mad Cat Swing enseignent et se produisent dans toute la ville. L’espace que nous louons peut également être loué, car il convient parfaitement aux mariages, aux fêtes et aux événements spéciaux.


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